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Dennis Murphy is a created being, through the will of Jehovah Jireh,  Dennis Murphy had his initial encounter with the Creator "Father" at the age of 4 years old in the summer of 1963 on Standard Street after Sunday School in Santa Ana, California.

In theory, the human experience is an open letter and we are the creator's letter of grace and mercy to a dynamic world seeking the truth of their humanity, purpose, and eternal existence.

MortalBox is an extension of that letter, a hopeful explanation of the layered perspective we have cumulatively as a species based on simple visible truths that our humanity wraps our soulish spirit and that the world is round, the essence of who we are is part of something bigger, greater and more awesome than we have ever imagined.

Dennis welcomes you on the journey with him into the Revelation of the come on!


MortalBox Creator and Host


Raised in the Los Angeles and Orange County suburbs DENNISWILLIAMMURPHY is a Southern California native and often found on his beach cruiser wandering the coastal beach environment seeking the endless summer experience. An avid music fan DENNISWILLIAMMURPHY interests span the dynamic of genres and epilog of time.

DENNISWILLIAMMURPHY attained his formal education at Chabot College School of the Arts in Northern California, Tom Hanks Alum, completing more than 149 courseware units and graduated with Honors in 2012 earning degrees in:

  • A.S. Business - Marketing
  • A.A. Radio/ Television Broadcasting
  • A.A. Mass Communications
  • Certificate: Digital Media

When I look back at all of my life lessons over the last six decades there are two which really stand out, keep moving forward and attempt to find the good in every experience you encounter, because that's what experiences are there for, small byte size tutorials for self-adjustment self-improvement. My goal in life is simple, to be generous with kindness and attempt to understand someone else's perspective; I don't necessarily need to be right.

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