MortalBox is a monthly podcast series that subscribes to the human experience in the here and the hereafter.
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MortalBox F.A.Q.

Thank you for connecting with our Frequently Asked Questions. If you would like to ask a question not answered below send us a note on our Contact Us page.

What does the name MortalBox mean?

The term "MortalBox" refers to our physical encasing (physical form) that houses our SpiritSoul which is activated by the breath of life. Physical form is your body: flesh, bones, brain, heart, lungs, arteries, muscles, blood, and water, etc. that make up your physical form, the "Earth" you.

What is the genre of the MortalBox show?

We are hoping you have a listen and decide for yourself, our producers at MortalBox define the genre as Spiritual Time Travel. Find out more here on our About Us page.

When did MortalBox begin?

The idea for a show germinated for about a year from 2016 to 2017. Our creator and host DENNISWILLIAMMURPHY in November of 2107 selected the name from conversation bullet points where he encouraged a friend to break free from depression, Heart to Heart. Our official launch date was December 7th  2017, with our session entitled #MaidenVoyage.

Can I be part of the MortalBox showcast?

Yes! we invite you our listeners to preview future shows in the Showcast section of our website. MortalBox posts guest questions in the Showcast section, encouraging you our listening audience to be intentional in responding by simply recording your favorite question from the list with your cell phone and uploading to

Does MortalBox or DENNISWILLIAMMURPHY have all of the answers?

I am sure that MortalBox and DENNISWILLIAMMURPHY do not have all of the answers. However, I know that together we can journey through many of the big, medium and small questions. We can reference factual data, scientific proof, ancient writings-text and come to our own conclusions from a platform of mutual respect. We'll have fun along the way and enjoy the community we build together,  having fun makes great sense yeah?



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