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Welcome to Showcast!

...our virtual meet and greet here on Mortalbox. I'm Dennis Murphy and as the Host of the show allow me to speak for Moe and Manu when explaining that we are all very excited that you have tuned in to the show. Mortalbox is a monthly podcast about our origins and topics about our perceptions of our own humanity here and the hereafter and we invite you to share in the content discussion on the show.

Young Afican American male in a white shirt, dark blue blazer with multicolor fed and yellow pocket accent.One of the main features of Showcast is to create warm audience engagement with our listeners by providing introspective regarding the background for the upcoming topics we select each week. We hope as our Mortalbox show family you'll find the discussion informative and entertaining and desire to share it with your friends. Keeping scrolling for our bios and upcoming show notes and audience questions and more info on how to be part of the Mortalbox show.

Mahatma "Moe Handi" Singh

Mahatma "Moe Handi" Singh is our resident "Sihk on the Street" and hails from Punjabi, India. Moe brings his rich and playful humor that has been a philosophy thread in his family handed down through many centuries.


Our host Dennis Murphy aka "The Murfdog" brightened the door of his existence at St. Mary's in LBC baby! Dennis learnt Broadcast Media Communications at Chabot College School of the Arts and is a Tom Hanks alum. All we are saying is "Give Peace a Chance."


Manu Wabulatte calls Kaewa, Kenya Africa home. Incredibly camera shy Manu is a devout Christian versed in the message of the gospel. Manu is also stand in "Whaler" loves Bob Marley and the 50's 60's 70's Motown sound.